Thursday, May 5, 2016

Final Reflection

May 5, 2016

The final note, the thoughts and knowledge that I have experienced until this point has settled my unanswered questions and exterminated any stereotype of the Arab world.

At the beginning of my spring semester, I was very eager to expand my knowledge of the Arab people. Especially the inner thoughts of an Arab or Middle Eastern person, especially focusing on becoming aware of the strugggles they have gone through pre and post 9/11. The information taught at the end of the semester and especially the topics found in the plot of The Yacoubian Building. The struggle of identity as a women, a widow, and man who lacks pleasure from his wife, a gay man; the personality of these specific characters in The Yacoubian Building affected the dominated views the Western world planted into my mind. The thoughts the Western world have not only implemented on myself but on other citizens were not just first realized with the release of The Yacoubian Building but were predominated in the American society since the beginning of the Hollywood movie business.

The final lessons at the end the April and few days in May were the most influential and impacting pieces of information that I really had absoutely was very unaware about. The lack of mindfulness I had for the struggles and intense skeptic stereotypes Americans forcefully applied on their citizens was unbelievable. The most impactful information was learning of the original lyrics of Disney's movie Aladdin (1996).

Oh I come from a land, 
from a far away place,
where the caravan camels roam. 
Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face, 
it's barbaric, but hey, it's home.

This is the opening scene of a Disney's classic in the 90's, this movie was released 20 years ago, the year of my birth. These writers and producers of the music in Aladdin knew exactly what they were doing. The idea that they allowed for these to be the opening lyrics to a children's movie were completely unsurprising but heartbroken to say the least that the Western world specially wanted to implement not only in adults mind about the way to think about the Middle Eastern world, but to also give this idea into the innocent minds of young children is unacceptable. 

Though all of the semester I was able to have the blessings to be taught all the information not only given by Professor Esa but also by Dr. Christina Leahy, was all my education growth wanted. Know to be more educationally knowledgeable about what it means to be Arab and the long years of struggles since the Arab Spring is an achievement in my college education.