Monday, April 4, 2016

Where is the United States? Are they going to even help?

April 4th, 2016

Why U.S Leadership Matters
[Commercial Appeal-04.04.2016]

President Barack Obama has very obvious views on what he thinks of the Middle East and what he thinks the United States can do to help-"...the Middle East could not be fixed-not on his watch, and not for generation to come."

As a young adult, I somewhat can and can not believe these words that President Barack Obama said. He statement of thinking the Middle East is in this time of not being fixable is outrageous. In this article, "Why U.S Leadership Matters?", the author stresses on the policies of Obama pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan is not a good one. He compares policies of Obama of the war in the 21st century to those of Truman during WWII. Truman was under pressure to withdraw all troops from Germany and Japan but stood his ground for many years to established a democratic foundation for both of these countries. The question of, "why can't Barack Obama do this also?" raises for those individuals who see the importance of keeping troops in the Middle East. Though it is very understandable to be the president of the United States and want to pull out of this long, driven-out war, the peace for the individuals who remain in these countries need to helped before the United States thinks its necessary for them to pull out al troops from the Middle East.

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