Thursday, April 7, 2016

THE, Professor Christina Leahy

April 7, 2016 

Another one of my favorite professors on campus, Dr. Christina Leahy, who is ahead of the Political Science Department, is incredibly knowledgable on the ever confusing topic of the United States relationship with the Middle East. It seems like the conflict between the United States and the Middle East could have, with lack of a better word, easily could have been less violent and detrimental to the Middle Eastern countries. There were topics Professor Leahy reviewed I had no clue happened post 9/11. 

I mean on 9/11 I was only 3 years old, almost turning 4, but I still can directly remember how that day turned out. And after then, I can still remember my too young of classmates to even try to understand what was going on. I remember them saying how they hate Muslims and people from the Middle East are nothing but completely evil. 

Where did this sudden hate come from? And most of all, I thought to myself,  the Middle Eastern's could easily say the feeling is mutual. This hate coming from the Middle Eastern, more specifically the Palestine's, is completely justifiable due to the on going horrific events that happened just weeks after 9/11 and are still continuing into 2016. 

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