Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Suheir Hammad

April 21st, 2016

Suheir Hammand is a highly respected, admired, Arab-Amercian women who migrated with her parents to the United States as Palestinian refugees. Before coming to Brooklyn, New York, her family resided in Lydda, which is now in Israel. Placed right in the middle of the evolving hip-hop, rap, r&b word, Suheir was influence by the world of 1980's-1990's Brooklyn individuals.

She became a memorable face to respectable names, one of them being Russell Simmons. Russell Simmons was highly into the works of Suheir and lead her into the path of being signed by his label for writers, poets,lyricists, HBO's Def Jam Poetry.

Suheir Hammand most famous poem was that written just days about the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11th.

"..today is a week, and seven is of heavens, gods, science.
evident out my kitchen window is an abstract reality.
sky where once was steel.
smoke where once was flesh.

fire in the city air and i feared for my sister's life in a way never
before. and then, and now, i fear for the rest of us.

first, please god, let it be a mistake, the pilot's heart failed, the
plane's engine died.
then please god, let it be a nightmare, wake me now.
please god, after the second plane, please, don't let it be anyone
who looks like my brothers.

i do not know how bad a life has to break in order to kill.
i have never been so hungry that i willed hunger
i have never been so angry as to want to control a gun over a pen.
not really.
even as a woman, as a palestinian, as a broken human being.
never this broken..."

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