Sunday, April 3, 2016

Professor Zaru's Lecture

April 3rd, 2016

Who knew someone on the McDaniel campus had a first-hand experience of living under occupation of the Israeli's? One of my freshmen year professor, Carol Zaru, heard the blast, smelled the toxic air, and saw her own friend's home be destroyed by the Israeli army.

I honestly had no clue how to feel when Carol was telling the class about her early years living in Palestine. How she would turn up the volume of her television set so her children would not have to hear the sounds of the demolition that was happening right by her home. How she was in Palestine when the start and end of the Seven Years War had began and ended. I could not even imagine how her life had been prior to moving her whole life to the United States.

I feel so small in this enormous world of war and evil. I feel so unaware of what actually is going on and what is actually being done to help the individuals who are being tortured by the Israeli-Palestie conflict. I, overall, can not think of an actual solution that can help stop all the hate between these two different identities. At the most, which is a very simple thought, is for the United States to at least have more saying and more aid for the individuals in this struggle. From the past lectures of Dr. Boukhars and Professor Carol, from my understanding its obvious to these intellectuals that the United States hardly has put any of their power to help out the nations in destress.


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