Monday, April 11, 2016

Alaa Al Aswany

April 11th, 2016

Narrating the Revolution...
[The Cairo Review-Spring 2011]

Before reading this interview between the Cairo Review and activist Alaa Al Aswany, I have to confess that I had no clue who this remarkable man was. Not only did he publish The Yacoubian Building around the time of the Egyptian revolution, he participated in this revolution, having hands on experience on fighting for the Egyptian dictatorship regime to end.

January 25th-the day the revolution begin for the Egyptians. In this interview, Alaa Al Aswany said,
"...I had once written that if we have five hundred thousands protestors in Cairo, the regime will fall. I could myself with one million people."One million people. The Egyptians were all on the same boat to remove then president, Gamal Mubarak, from the system due to his agenda becoming more of a dictatorship then a democracy. And this was exactly what they did. There were demonstrations and manifestations that Aswany participated in that lead to the resign of Gamal Mubarak. Egyptians also knew this was not the end but just the beginning of the movement. They wanted to democracy and knew that once Mubarak resign they needed to act quickly to get the right an honest individuals into their government. Not only did they had so much support for the citizens, scholarly names, and the army, the revolution of Tunisia (which was happening more so at the same time) was a motivational platform for the Egyptians. If one country could achieve democracy so could Egypt and the citizens had belief that they will achieve this goal of democracy.

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