Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

March 27, 2016
Palestine Chronicle: How Impunity Defines.....

March 27th, 2016

Reflecting on this specific news article, I wanted to start off with a poem that was included in the article which depicts a violent scene of an Israeli harming a Palestinian.

“Across the vanquished city in a jeep he did speed –A lad bold and armed, a young lion of a lad!And an old man and a woman on that very streetCowered against a wall, in fear of him clad.Said the lad smiling, milk teeth shining:‘I’ll try the machinegun’ … and put it into play!To hide his face in his hands, the old man barely had timeWhen his blood on the wall was sprayed.”

It was written in 1948 and almost 70 years later, this vivid description of an Israeli receiving joy from killing an innocent Palestinian is still seen today. The continuing conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian has only lead to both sides of the court to be immune to killings, seeing it as a normative way of living in this part of the world. How can a conflict between individuals have grown into the civilizations being so immune to the deaths of thousands of individuals? Hearing about an loved one, a friend, a teacher, a child, being killed is nothing new to these people, and more specifically towards the Palestinians. 

This article I read was found on the PalestineChronicle.com, which by telling by the name of the news site it is more biased to those of the Palestinian race. Which personally, how can you not understand the brutal events that are obviously happening more towards Pakistanis than Israelis. 
More young children, babies, kids who have not even had the opportunity of started their primary education, are more likely to be killed than an Israeli solider.

The writer, Ramzy Baroud, also stressed on how no one is being held accountable for the deaths of the Palestinians, absolutely no one. We know who unnecessarily killed these people, the Israeli Army, and yet there is nothing being done to them but a pat on the back from supporters who believe this is how fighting should be done.

The killing, bombing, destruction, of innocent lives whether Palestinians, and maybe even a few Israelis, need to be address more. Destroying lives for the account of own selfishness is not a reasonable way to be living. 

Please Continue too Confuse Me

March 22, 2016

Just on the day of the attack in Brussels at their airport, Dr. Boukhars was the guest speaker for our class today on the topic of radical Islamist groups and how they define themselves.

Its wild how theres a wave length between the bigger picture and what is going on in my intimate community at McDaniel College. It's even crazier and heartbreaking to think that three students from Brussels were in my class with heads high when this lecture was given.

And I'm still not over how the day of this lecture was also a day on the attack in Brussels.

Dr. Boukhars has confused me even more in trying to understand who these extremist men and women are and what they want to achieve, and WHY.

Why the violence, why the horrific videos, why the destruction of villages and families. I am still left with the question of, "why?". I am left with uncertainly and a very uncomfortable feeling that I am not informed enough on this ongoing conflict. And to be honest, I rather be left more confused to my awareness of the Arab World continues to grow.

From my understanding and what I got from the Dr. Boukhars lecture, one main point, that stuck out to me a week later after the discussion; what is the ideology these individuals follow by. If anything more, I have this conclusion in my mind that these Islamist extremist do not have the foundation most individuals were able to have, therefore, they turn to terrorist groups, who in a way, make them feel accepted. Making a horrible comparison, but like being on an athletic team with teammates wants the same goal of winning a game, these groups find comfort in the ideology that group like ISIS are able to give them.

Where these men and women typically are located is the problem. ISIS is not one country. It is not Iraq, it is not Iran, it is not Saudi Arabia, its specific individuals from all over the world actually who take a turn in their life to devoted themselves to this terrorist group that want nothing be to achieve what the 17th century Muslim world once was.

Friday, March 4, 2016

My Voice is My Drum

March 2-3 2016

Massamba Diop Concert and Recital 

The past two days, early morning and evening, have been filled with the sounds of Massamba Diop talking drum. The past two days, early morning and evening, my eyes were fixed on the fingers of Massamba's, as he was hitting so enthusiastically to make the sounds us students were so unaware about.
Tony and Massamba!

One topic that really stuck to my mind after the concert and talk we had with Massamba Diop and his touring group was the idea that Massamba's son is not very much interested in continuing the legacy of his family and the talking drum. The talking drum has been in Massamba's family for generations and the idea that now it has stopped with Massamba is a bit heartbreaking as an outsider. It made me wonder of my own parents cultures and traditions that I possibly have not been aware of as I grown up. The over all point I got from being around Massamba is this idea of family, culture, and traditions. How social media can either help us develop connections or destroy our way of being with another. It made me feel more aware of how our world is developing and with that development, what we need to preserve and not hope to lose.