Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reflecting Arab Music: Lena Chamamyan

Sareri Hovin Mernem [Lena Chamamyan]

Lena Chamamyan is an Arabian women who was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. From the beginning of her childhood she start elementary school in her home town and finished her higher education in Damascus as well. At a very young age she developed a love for music and began to participate in her elementary and secondary school musical events, which first began at the age of five. She religiously started studying music at the age of nine which then lead to countless musical positions due to her voice being such a blessing.

Chamamyan graduated from with an Economics major while at Damascus University in 2002, but while getting her education in economics she still maintain a musical balance in her life. She also picked up another title from the Damascus University in 2007 as a vocalist. Most of her musical sounds categorized into jazz. How amazing is her voice actually if she developed this sound of Arabian Jazz? Everyone around her was amazed at her unique voice, which she mentioned was heavily influenced by oriental jazz and Armenian music.

There was not much information about her ( least in English) for me to write more about her on, but I did take some time and listen to her album she released in 2006, 2007, 2010. Most of her songs, after the translation, connect with love and the Arab world. In one song that I replayed a couple of times, Al Rozana, had a very Hispanic/Cuban dance feel to it. It speaks upon a women lover leaving and letting the man left alone and searching for her.

And I am still going to continue to play her music, what more could I ask for when good music comes my way?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who's that teaching? It's Dr. Deveny!


In today's class we were able to have the blessing of Dr. Deveny teach our Arab World class about Arabic and Islamic present in Spain, in this period and in the past. Dr. Deveny began his lecture with the start of the fifth century and up until the year 1492 when the famous names of King Fernando and Queen Isabel ruled the Spanish territory. From the beginning to the end of the ninety minute class period, I felt I have beyond more knowledge of how Spain was and still is influenced by the Arabic world.

Spain has so much value and history to its culture that at one point the city of Cordoba was the most powerful region on the year 1000.

Before the Spaniards had any sort of ruling over the territory of what we know as Spain today, the groups known as the Visigoths had power over this land. The Visigoths were one of the multiple groups that had privilege of the land they were living in. The Visigoths though from the fifth century and forward had much control of the area and their power became more apparent in the year 711. In 711 the Visigoths, and with the help of barbaric individuals known as the Al-Andalus, began to rapidly conquer all of Spain and it was not until 720 was when Christians began to take over the territory that was once lost.